Santoshi Maa The Goddess Of Prosperity And Peace


Santoshi Maa is the Hindu goddess worshipped for the fulfillment of all desires. According to Hindu mythology, she is the daughter of Lord Ganesh. Santoshi Maa inspires her devotees to cherish family values and bestows them with the courage to face a crisis. Santoshi Maa is regarded as an incarnation of Mother Durga and has a steady group of devotees across the Hindu population of India and across the globe.

Way of Worship

For eternal peace and happiness in family life, her devotees are known to fast for sixteen consecutive Fridays. The fast is known as Santoshi Mata vrat. The devotee must perform a puja of Santoshi Mata and offer her incense, flowers, and offer gur-chana (raw sugar and roasted chickpeas) as “Prasad”. The devotee needs wakes up early morning, and work on the puja. Only one meal that can be taken during the day of fasting should be devoid of anything bitter or sour food serving sour or bitter food on the day of fasting is restricted.

During the puja, the tale of Maa Santoshi is read out and it ends with the udyapan ceremony where eight boys are served festive meals. You should avoid quarrels and any act of hurt. Attaining the full course of the Vrat, the mother blesses the devotee her wish.

Popular belief and benefits

She is the deity of domestic satisfaction and happiness. Women are fond of her and often fast for her praying for mercy and a happy contented life. The vrata or fasting observed for the deity teaches a devotee to preach the message of sacrifice, love, happiness and sympathy. It is also believed that worshiping her brings prosperity and peace in the family of the devotee.

Popular festival of the deity

There is no such popular festival celebrate focusing on the deity. However, the Maa Santoshi Vrat in itself is religiously observed in many Hindu families for prosperity and peace. The devotees of the Devi are very loyal and devoted with the strict rules to be followed during the 16consesutive Fridays when the fasting is observed.

Regions of worship

Mostly in the north and central India and within the vegetarian Hindu population the deity is worshipped with full conviction.

Lord Kubera is worshipped to Gain Wealth And Prosperity


The Kubera is a demi-god. He was not found in the early literature with any godly status, in the Atharvaveda and in Satpathabrahmana Kuber is portrayed as lord of the evil spirits and criminals. According to legend, the Kubera was jealous of Parvati and the Shiva. The enraged Parvati turned Kuber into a dwarf and blinded him. It also turned kubera’s eye yellow. However, in the Ramayana, Kuber received his godly status and in the list of demigods. The Kubera received his godhood from the Brahma for his severe penance. In the Ramayana, the Kubera was the king of Sri Lanka and ultimately thrown out by Ravana. The Kubera with his godly status is in Buddhist literature and also in Jainism. The Kuber is always famous for his flying chariot the Pushpak. The Kubera is the god of wealth and preserves nidhis. In India, Kuber is the symbol of wealth. The Kubera in later literature was the founder of Alaka near Kailash.

Reasons for worship

The Kubera is the god of wealth and naturally a favourite among the business community. It is believed that if the devotee can please the Kubera he will be bestowed with extraordinary wealth and riches

How to worship

The Kubera is usually worshipped with Laksmi as goddess Laksmi is also associated with wealth. But there is a difference, while the Kubera is worshipped in the new moon, Laksmi is worshipped in the full moon, but in parts of India Lakshmi puja is done on the new moon also. But, regular pujas are done in Fridays and Tuesdays. To worship the Kubera, you need a special board known as Kubera Kolam. It is a small board with nine small squares. You have to put flowers and coins in each square and lit the candle. You chant the Kubera mantra and pray his mercy.

Festivals based on Lord Kubera

The Kubera festival is slated on the first day of the Deepavali. Since the Kubera is worshipped on new moon the festival has now merged with Dhanteras. The buying of ornaments or wealth is an essential part of this festival. The faith in Dhanteras is such that even the poorest of the poor tries to buy anything made of metal to please the lord.

Benefits of Worshipping Lord Kubera

Lord Kubera if pleased will bestow the devotee with treasure and wealth. The devotee will accumulate unlimited wealth and will free you from financial worries for his lifetime.

Regions where Lord Kubera is worshipped

The Kubera is worshipped in the Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, UP and Rajasthan. The new temples are now being erected as the popularity of Lord Kubera increased with the spread of Dhanteras festival.

Mahalakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth and Fortune


Mahalakshmi The Goddess Of Wealth And Good Fortune Dressed in a red sari, decked up with gold ornaments, she is feminine and beautiful, rests on a lotus with two white elephants on her each of her sides that the vision of the Hindu Goddess Laxmi. According to mythological tales, she appeared from the ocean during the famous churning for eternity or Milky-Ocean between the demons and the gods known as Kshir-Sagara. As she came out she chose Lord Vishnu to be her wife. She is also believed to be the elder daughter of Devi Durga and Lord Shiva.

Specifications of worship

Worshiping of Goddess Laxmi has been part of the Indian tradition from the earliest of times. As she represents fertility and is a symbol of material contentment and fulfillment, she is considered to be an important domestic deity in both households and business enterprises alike. The deity is believed to love silent surrounding and all things beautiful and clean. There are Laxmi vrats (fast rituals) and mantras that many perform to please the goddess.

Benefits of worshipping goddess Laxmi

Shri Maha Lakshmi is the deity of wealth, prosperity and good fortune. She is the epithet of love, fertility and beauty. Hindus across all households and commercial institutions worship the goddess to be blessed with good fortunes. It is believed that the goddess is restless, whimsical but compassionate and can bless anyone who treats her well and with true faith. It is for this reason that Hindu households across India have the idol of the deity.

Important Mahalakshmi festival

She is a domestic deity and is worshipped in households across the year. However, on the full moon night following Durga Puja or Dussehra, Hindu households across India invite the goddess to grace their houses or businesses with her grace and fortune. Also, on the Diwali night special puja is performed for the deity, asking for her blessing for the next year.

Those who worship the deity

As she is the goddess of wealth she is worshipped in all Hindu households as the domestic deity. There are many Mahalakshmi temples dotted across India like Maha Laxmi Temple in Mumbai, Sripuram Golden Temple in Vellore and Chaurashi Temple in Himachal Pradesh.

Maa Kali is a reincarnation of Devi Parvati


Kali in Hinduism is referred to as “Shakti” that is a reincarnation of Devi Parvati, Lord Shiva’s wife. The word comes from the Sanskrit word “Kal” which means time. Though myth logically she stands for death and doomsday, the interpretation is often misunderstood. The goddess brings an end to human ego and anything evil. In spite of her fearful appearance Kali is one such deity with whom devotees have an intimate of trust just like a child and mother. Kali or “Maa Kali” presupposes the role of the ever-caring protective mother among her devotees.

Mother’s form and her devotees

Kali names and forms are diverse. Some of the popular forms of the deity are Shyama, Tara Ma, Chamundi, Adya Ma, and Dakshina Kalika. Other popular forms of ma are the gentle form called Bhadra Kali and the ma on the cremation grounds of Shakti(a form of Shakti) is known as Shyamashana Kali. Though priests follow a lot of rules for worshiping the deity but are popularly believed that loving ma like one’s own is enough to satisfy the goddess. Some of the famous devotees of the deity are Ramprasad and Vamakhapa, they worshipped her like their own mother and preached the message of love and faith.

Benefits of worshiping Kali

She is often associated with sexuality, violence and death, because according to mythological tales, the black goddess once got wild and angry and ate all the demons and made a chain of their heads which she wore on her neck. However, kali in reality is the most compassionate of all goddesses and blesses her devotees with liberation. It is believed that a person who is full of ego when worships her will be shaved off the pride and with being blessed with strength and faith.

The most popular festival

Though the deity is worship all across the year but in Eastern India “Maha Kali Puja” is celebrated on the new moon day of the Bengal month of Kartik, roughly in the end of October.

Regions of Worship

Numerous places of worship of the mother are dotted across Eastern India. The Dakshineshwar Temple in Howrah, Kalighat temple in Kolkata and Kamakhya in Assam are some of the most famous among other temples.

Lord Brahma is worshipped as the creator of the universe


If you search for Hindu Gods, you can find many, Hindu people worship Every God differently and for different reasons. Brahma is one of the highest ranks of Gods. He is worshipped as the creator of the world. There are many myths and stories revolving around him. He is the Supreme god, and worshipped by all.

History of Brahma

There is a saying that he is born from the lotus, which emerges from Lord Vishnu’s Navel. Though the exact story of Lord Brahma’s creation is uncertain, there are different stories regarding it. Brahma is mentioned in the Vedas and Puranas. People from the ancient time used to worship Brahma. There are some misconceptions, regarding Brahman, Brahmin and Brahma, but these three are different.

Why Isn’t Brahma Worshipped

Brahma is not religiously worshipped. People show respect, but there are no specific rituals to do that. Story says, there was some argument between Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma, on their importance, as the result the third of the Trinity, Lord Shiva comes to rescue. He gave a challenge, whoever sees the top of Shiva’s head he will be worshipped on the earth. Nobody can see Shiva’s stature, as it is too high. But Brahma manages the flower to tell a lie for him. Lord Shiva gets angry and curse Brahma that he won’t get any worship from the men on earth.

How To Worship

As there is no particular way to worship Lord Brahma, most people meditate. The students, teacher and all the people who are associated with academics, worship Brahma. You can find the Brahma Temple in Pushkar, Rajasthan. The temple is over two thousand years old. People visit this Marble temple to take his blessings. The temple has over two hundred visitors per day.

Benefits of worship

Lord Brahma is the creator of the universe and the husband of Goddess Saraswati. Worshipping brahma gives the student calmness of mind, which helps them in focusing. The scholars chant the Brahma mantra, to excel in the field of their study. With his blessings, you can be a scholar.