The Mother Annapurna is worshipped for a good harvest and food


The food is essential for all mortals to survive even for the gods. The mother Annapurna is the creation of the Hindu mythology as a material proof that the world survives on food. The legend is once the Shiva was explaining the meaning of creation and the Maya. In the discussion, the Shiva explained to Parvati the world is nothing, but a big illusion. And everything here is the part of the trick played by Maya, even the food. Hearing this, the Mother who is the manifestation of the material world became angry and left. It landed the world in a unique situation and earth became barren and void of any food material. Then Shiva unable to manage food for his child started begging for food. The mother Annapurna hearing this met Shiva at Kashi and given her food. The Shiva realised his fault and erected a temple at Kashi.

Beliefs of worship

It has a relation to the advent of agriculture when growing and preserving food became very important. The mother Annapurna is worshipped for a good harvest and food for the mankind. It will be evident from the other names of the mother Annapurna like Shristihetukavardhani and Durbhiksahansanaya. She is the protector against poverty.

How to worship Annapurna

The mother Annapurna is worshipped by chanting her one hundred and eight names before taking the food and presenting it to her. There is believe that the idol should be kept over a bowl of rice

Festivals based on Annapurna

The main temple of mother Annapurna is at Varanasi. Here Navaratri festival is celebrated thrice in a year. This is the main festival. However, another important festival is held in the eastern India during the Shukla Paksha of the Bengali month of Chaitra. And it is done by the women folks only. Another major festival is observed on the Akshyatritia, which is the day the mother Annapurna born.

Benefits of Worshipping Annapurna

The benefit of worshipping Mother Annapurna is to get out of poverty. The mother Annapurna is the provider of food and all earthly belonging and is also worshipped for prosperity.

Regions where Annapurna is worshipped

The main temple of mother Annapurna is the holy shrine at Varanasi. Apart from that mother Annapurna is worshipped in almost all the states of India.